Where Trexity operates.

Connecting small and medium sized businesses to their local community in Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Oshawa, Winnipeg, and Calgary.

Find your reach, it’s further than you think.

Each city where Trexity operates is unique in delivery zones and is designed to reach just about every local customer. Enter your business address below to find your eligibility, unique zones, and associated costs. As we grow, our zones will grow as well, offering better coverage and opening up new markets for your business.

Delivery and pickup zones

Business owners talk about how Trexity helps connect them to their local community.

  • Kol Kid

    Kol Kid

    Lisa, owner of Kol Kid, talks about how the Trexity platform is always improving, how user friendly the process is, and how reliable the customer support is.


  • Oak & Lily

    Oak & Lily

    Jessica, owner and designer at Oak & Lily, talks about her experience with past courier services and how Trexity’s reliability and support won her over.


  • Cocktail Emporium

    Cocktail Emporium

    Kristen, founder and owner of Cocktail Emporium, talks about Trexity, how positive her courier interactions are, and how it’s helped grow her business.


  • Game Knight Games

    Game Knight Games

    Scott and Ben from Game Knight Games talk about how easy it was to setup their Trexity Shopify Integration and how it’s upped their game.


  • Letterbox Doughnuts

    Letterbox Doughnuts

    Priom and Jon let us know how Trexity has made their life easier, allowed them to focus on their business, and reach more customers.


  • Sanagan’s Meat Locker

    Sanagan’s Meat Locker

    Peter from Sanagan’s Meat Locker talks about how they deliver perishable goods and how the Trexity dashboard helps them manage deliveries.


  • Overflow Brewing Company

    Overflow Brewing Company

    Brad and Mitch discuss how Trexity has been with them since day one and how easy it was to integrate with their current Shopify store.


  • La Bottega Nicastro

    La Bottega Nicastro

    Larissa and Rocco discuss how Trexity helped offset reduced foot traffic during pandemic times and how delivery is here to stay.


  • NRML


    Manny from NRML tells us how Trexity helps support their booming online store and gives their customers a better experience.



We’re seeing more and more deliveries going out the door. It’s a very cost effective way of getting packages in customers’ hands.

Scott, GameKnight Games

Support and build your local community wherever Trexity operates.

Trexity’s flat rate pricing zones help connect your store to your customer’s door at an affordable rate. With hyper-local and extended zones in each city, you can rest assured that all your local customers are covered.

  1. Trexity is currently available in Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Oshawa, Winnipeg, and Calgary.
  2. There are plans to expand into other cities.
  3. Our city zones cover roughly 95% of potential local customers.
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