Cocktail Emporium

Q’s & A’s with Kristen from the Cocktail Emporium

Introduce yourselves

Kristen: My name is Kristen Voisey, and I am the founder and owner of Cocktail Emporium.

What makes Cocktail Emporium special?

Kristen – It’s a one-stop shop for everything bar and cocktail related.

We’ve been open for about 10 years now. It was April 2011 when we opened our first store on Queen Street. And right now, we have three stores, one at Union Station and one in Kensington Market.

Who are your clientele?

Kristen – We get a lot of customers in here looking for good ingredients, bar tools, glassware. It could be anyone from the home bartender to a professional bartender.

We have longtime industry customers who run the city’s best bars and restaurants. So when they’re really busy, they’ve been loving the convenience of Trexity local delivery. Just a couple clicks and whatever bar tools or ingredients they need, get right to their door before their busy service even starts.

We enjoy sending out bags with the drivers because we know they’re going to take care of them.

When did home delivery start for you guys?

Kristen – We started with Trexity a while back. We really thought there was a market for next-day or same-day delivery, especially with people who need last-minute cocktail ingredients, or we have a lot of gift buyers here. Also, the bars and restaurants, they find it really convenient as well.

How is it going with Trexity?

Kristen – Oh, Trexity is amazing. The drivers are super friendly. The integration with Shopify was so simple. Any time we’ve had any issues or questions, the support has been amazing as well.

How does your team use Trexity?

Kristen – In the morning, the first thing that they do at the warehouse is they print the Trexity orders. They bag all those up, and they call for the pickup.

Pretty simple, and right now we’re doing that every business day.

Have you seen growth in business because of delivery?

Kristen – Yes, we’ve gotten a bunch of great reviews. People have said that they love the service. Like I said, the drivers are friendly, and the drivers are really helpful too.

Is there an expectation from your customers that you offer home delivery?

Kristen – It’s really hard to get around the GTA on your own. So sometimes a simple chore like buying a gift could take a couple of hours. So yeah, they’ve been really loving the next-day delivery for last-minute gift buying, especially.

Are you guys enjoying Trexity’s flat-rate offer?

Kristen – Yeah, we’re loving it. ?

Tell us about Trexity as a partner, and as a delivery extension of your brand.

Kristen – Yeah. It’s very simple. We enjoy sending out bags with the drivers because we know they’re going to take care of them. We sell a lot of glassware and liquid. So we know for sure when we send it out with one of the drivers that they’re going to take care and deliver it in one piece.

With the mail, we pack as well as we can, but you can never guarantee glass is going to get there safely. We don’t have those concerns with the Trexity Couriers.

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