Oak & Lily

Q’s & A’s with Jessica from Oak & Lily

Introduce yourself

Jessica: I’m Jessica. I am the owner and one of the designers here at Oak & Lily.

What makes Oak & Lily special?

Jessica: We have a unique design approach we use. In the summer months, we use almost a hundred percent exclusively locally-grown flowers. We do like to support our local flower farmers in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. We also offer a lot of unique housewares and giftware items. We try to curate and source mostly locally made items as well.

Tell me about a typical day here.

Jessica: At this time of year, it’s fulfilling orders, getting our deliveries out. Lots of emailing. As opposed to wedding season, where it’s a little bit different where it’s a little more chaotic and we’re busy prepping behind the scenes doing weddings and events.

We know we can enter an order in the system, the drivers will show up on time, and our items will be delivered on time.

Were you doing delivery before? What was the history of delivery for Oak & Lily.

Jessica: Yeah, we’ve always done delivery and actually, we’ve almost always had issues with delivery services to the point where the previous owner was doing deliveries herself, and then Trexity reached out to us at a really good time. We’ve been using them for over a year now.

How’s the relationship going?

Jessica: We’ve been really happy with Trexity. We haven’t had any issues. Any time there’s been anything that we’ve had trouble with, we’ve had no issues calling support and then they deal with it immediately.

How often are you doing deliveries?

Jessica: Daily.

How does Trexity fit into your day?

Jessica: So our deliveries typically go out between two and five. We do have a cutoff time for same day delivery. If we have phone orders or online orders, we try to get them in by 11 or 12, that way we can input it into your system and then our deliveries go out in the afternoon.

Best thing about the Trexity delivery relationship?

Jessica: Honestly, the reliability of Trexity. Like I said before, we’ve gone through several career delivery services and they have not been as reliable. The fact that we know we can enter an order in the system, the drivers will show up on time, and our items will be delivered on time.

Visit Oak & Lily: https://oak-and-lily.myshopify.com/

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