What we do, is who we are

Face it, building a business isn’t easy. It takes a great idea, incredible timing, and a cause that is bigger than all of us—that’s Trexity. Our actions define our culture.

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Our people are our strongest asset

We’re honest, transparent, and empathetic. Our personalities bleed from our daily lives into our work culture and vice versa. Constant learning lives at our core, it fuels our entrepreneurial spirit and empowers us to take ownership over what we build.

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Trexity allows me to do my best work. The team inspires me because they’re exceptionally talented in their chosen path and are always willing to help, share knowledge, or remove roadblocks.”- Jon Eng
Team member diversity

Diverse team, diverse crafts

We care about what we build. Whether it be new features and clean code, or business relationships and partnerships, or support and design—we care about it all, and you should too. We’re a lean, diverse team with many hats in our armoury and we’re going to use every tool at our disposal to create something great.

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Team perks

Don’t hammer a nail with your bare hand, even if it would be impressive.

  • Apple laptop

    Apple hardware

    We’ll get you the tools you need to work efficiently, allowing you to contribute creative solutions that you’re proud of.

  • Plant growing

    Employee stock option plan

    When we talk about taking ownership of your craft, we mean it. Every employee will participate as owners in the company.

  • Fitness

    Benefits plan

    Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plan. Take care of yourself. Your health is our top priority, without it we have nothing.

  • Remote cabin

    Work remotely

    We’re digital by design, work from where and when you can do your best.

Trexity, the early days

We’re writing our own history. Join a lean team and help define our culture, process, and products for the future. With honesty and transparency at our forefront, we encourage all team members to bring up any ideas or issues they’re facing.

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Trexity growth chart
We’re an unusually effective remote team because each person is self-motivated, responsible, and eager to learn and improve. We trust each other to move things forward and to ask for help when needed.”- Kitty Storry

We’d love to hear from you

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