Your customer concierge service. Local. Immediate. Personal.

Delight your local customers with same-day delivery. With a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective driver fleet at your command, the new standard of door-to-door service is yours.

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Delivery isn’t the first thought, but it’s definitely the last

The first thing customers remember is the last thing that happened. Was your product correct, great, and on time? That last memory lasts: translating into reviews, recommendations, and repeat purchases.

More humans, fewer bots

Keep your personal touch while offering world-class delivery. Your customers want the predictability of a platform, now you can offer it without the automated machinery of the large platforms.

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Save that 30% for yourself...and your customers

Fast local delivery usually means a heavy compromise: Either you absorb those costs to provide a great customer experience, or you charge your customers extra to hire premium delivery services (money they could have spent directly with you). Instead, with Trexity both of you receive right-sized pricing that will probably deliver sooner than the alternatives.

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Easy to add, easy to control

No coding required. Trexity integrates into your ecommerce shop - Shopify and Zapiet. Simply install, log in, and choose your delivery options. We match your orders, as they come, and schedule everything.

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Diving into the world of local delivery can be intimidating—book a short virtual meeting with us and we’ll show you how easy it can be.

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