Shipping made easy

Ever wonder why you can’t just snap a picture of something you want shipped, and then have it picked up and be on the way to its final destination? And wouldn’t it be cool if you could track that package in real-time as a shipper and recipient? Now how about we tell you that you can do that and also leverage one of the thousands of vehicles already going in the direction of that shipment. That’s just the beginning!


Always same day delivery

We understand the need to move fast, and life isn’t getting any slower; which is why Trexity uses the same day delivery model for all of our shippers. The goal is to move packages right away, at any time, and with our network of drivers who are dedicated to always be movin’!

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Shipping at anytime

With Trexity, you are never limited to what time of day you can ship a package and have it en route. Our community of drivers work beyond 9‑5, and keep packages moving at all times of the day, 365 days a year.

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Lowest shipping rates

The goal of Trexity is to make shipping easy, but only if we can provide more value to users then we capture ourselves. In order to execute on this point, we have been working tirelessly to keep our shipping rates lower than any logistical provider in the world. How? By leveraging our community of dedicated drivers and large investment we’ve made in the Trexity platform, allowing our shippers packages to travel the quickest and most optimal routes.

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