Shipping made easy


On-Demand ‘last mile shipping’ logistics solution, from beginning to end, ship with confidence. Ship to your customers within the same day, all tracked in real-time with Trexity.

Trexity allows users to ship any item within the same day by leveraging our world-class driver community. Track each delivery in real-time and get direct notifications at each stage of your shipment. Provide your customers with the best last mile logistics solution.

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Customer Shipping at Anytime

With Trexity, you have unlimited access to your own personal logistics platform with a built in fleet of drivers! Make on-demand or scheduled deliveries with Trexity and deliver items to your customers within the same day all tracked in real-time. Give your customers the experience they deserve.

Our driver community is pre-screened and verified for all background checks, and certified in ‘contactless deliveries’, ensuring that your package is in reliable hands and being shipped with confidence.

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Lowest Shipping Rates

The goal of Trexity is to make shipping easy, but only if we can provide more value to users then we capture ourselves. We don’t ask for a commission of your sales, we don’t charge a monthly fee or any type of service charges! Trexity provides world-class on demand shipping to your customers, and only charges for the actual delivery based on distance and time. Our shipping radius never changes or fluctuates, allowing you to stay true and honest to your clients.

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We pride ourselves in making sure that our driver community is constantly thriving and capturing value from our platform—your success is our success. We make sure to provide you with everything you need to achieve that goal.

We’re happy if you’re happy, that means we want to hear what frustrates you, what works, and what does not. Feedback is a gift, one that we treat with respect and appreciation.

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We understand that shipping is a 24-hour concern these days. Sign up to become a Trexity merchant and empower your customers with world class shipping options and exceed all their expectations.

Trexity merchants own full control over each package through their dedicated shipping portal. Receive real-time tracking, upfront shipping estimates, and access to our pre-screened driver community. Put your packages in the right hands!

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Ship with confidence

Each feature in Trexity was designed and build with safety and security in mind. Our goal is not only to provide a world class on demand shipping service for businesses, but to give peace of mind to our users that their packages and requests are all being securely processed in a user friendly manner—every time.

  • verified_userPre-Screened Verified Drivers
  • card_giftcardCoverage Up To $10,000
  • done_allDelivery & Pickup Confirmation
  • account_balanceSecure Payments
  • access_timeReal-Time Tracking
  • searchTransparent Pricing
  • drive_etaContactless Deliveries

On Demand Shipping

We understand the need to move fast, and life isn’t getting any slower; which is why Trexity uses the same day delivery model for all of our business users. Orders come in, Trexity get’s pinged and your customers can track their order in real time. The goal is to move packages right away, at any time.

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What are people saying?

Shipping with Trexity has allowed us to meet the demands and tight timelines of our customers, helping them get the items they need at all hours of the day. Their shipping algorithm has also helped us protect our margins, making for a giant win win!

Joseph G. - Preston Hardware

Being able to track our orders in real-time has been a blessing in disguise, helping stay on top of our timelines and keeping our customers informed. Service is fast, dependable and always there for us.

Bill B. - Benjamin Moore Paints

I’ve been driving for many ride share and delivery platforms over the past 4 years, and working with Trexity has been a breath of fresh air. I never knew a driver community could be so welcoming and rewarding.

Henoc D. - Trexity Driver