Everything you need to get your packages to your local customers.

What’s included with Trexity

Flat-rate pricing, scheduled pickups, real-time package tracking, customer notifications, proof of delivery, live support, and more, all come with Trexity with no monthly subscription.

Reduce admin work, gain predictability.

Merchant Portal

Everything you need to get your packages into your customers’ hands. Check in on all your deliveries at any time with real-time updates.

Generated delivery labels

Print all your delivery labels with the click of one button. The platform will look at all your scheduled deliveries and only generate the labels you need.

Scheduled pickup windows

Choose a scheduled pickup window that works best for you and your store to minimize in-store disruptions for your patrons.


Bring your data into Trexity with our integrations on: Shopify, Lightspeed, Bringg, 2Ship, and Zapiet Last Mile Delivery.

Trexity merchant portal sample
Trexity sample tracking

Full transparency in the status of your packages and where they are.

Real-time tracking pages

You and your customers can watch the delivery happen in real-time and get estimated times of arrival.

Customer notifications

Your customers will receive notifications when their package is on the way and when it’s been delivered.

Proof of delivery

Standard photo proof of delivery or PIN delivery for those packages that require extra security.

From my first meeting with Trexity, I realized immediately that it was going to be the Uber of delivery services and that’s what it’s become. It’s great.

Lisa, Kol Kid

A team of humans in your corner, rooting for your success.

Knowledge and marketing

Each merchant has a success rep to assist at every step of the way and help make local delivery a new revenue stream.

Live support for deliveries

Our in-house support team is always watching and ready to help you with any questions you may have.

Trexity support graphic

Flat rate pricing

We’re here to empower small and medium sized businesses and create a thriving local community. No monthly subscriptions, no percentage based pricing, just honest delivery.