No monthly, hidden, or magical fees—just honest work.

We simply charge for the time and distance it takes to deliver from your store to the customer’s doorstep.

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Single vs. bundled

There’s no extra fee for single immediate delivery—if you need something delivered as soon as possible, we have you covered. Bundling deliveries together in tight clusters reduces the overall time and distance required, which in turn, lowers the price.

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Real world pricing

With time and distance pricing, we can’t give you an exact number, but we can give you some scenarios with approximate costs. These numbers are based on data from thousands of deliveries. Contact us if you have any questions.

  • Single icon

    Single deliveries

    This single delivery pattern requires more time and distance, but it’s immediate, on-demand service.

    Single route pattern

    Average price range per delivery:

    $13 – $17

  • Bundle icon

    Bundled deliveries

    This bundled delivery pattern uses a more efficient route, but trades time and volume for savings.

    Bundled route pattern

    Average price range per bundled delivery:

    $6 – $8

Automatic routes

No need to spend precious hours crafting the most optimal route—it’s done automatically. When you put in a cluster of addresses, we’ll show you the most efficient route that adheres to your preferences.

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We’re in this together

Your business is our business too. With time and distance pricing, we’re not taking from your bottom line, which means more time and headspace to focus on your business.

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