What does it cost?

The short answer: It depends.

Trexity has no monthly fee and takes no percentage of your profits. Since we only charge for the distance and time our couriers spend on the road, the cost all depends on how you use the app.

The better question:

What is it worth?
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Sell bigger orders

Reach new customers

Serve your regulars better

Build a more resilient business

Get the most out of Trexity

Affordable ways to save time and money on your deliveries.

Bundle your deliveries

We offer same-day delivery, but you don’t have to. Process your outgoing deliveries in bulk on a day that makes sense for you, and save money compared to individual trips.

Develop a monthly product offering

A subscription or recurring purchase model offers convenience to you and your customer. It makes for a predictable delivery schedule to work with and easy bundling.

Talk to our Merchant success team

Let’s talk about how Trexity works for you. We know our program and your market, and we’re ready to integrate it into your business.

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