Only pay for what your business needs.

No monthly subscriptions or costly feature add-ons, just pay per delivery—everything else is included.

Pricing per delivery

Giving you the flexibility you need to run your business successfully.


Lowest pricing in all cities.

$5 – $7
CADper delivery.


  • 50 km reach
  • One pickup window
  • Delivery by 8:00 PM same day

Proof of delivery

  • Delivery photo



Great for almost every scenario.

$5 – $15
CADper delivery.


  • 50 km reach
  • Multiple pickup windows
  • Fastest delivery

Delivery options

  • Grocery and perishables delivery
  • Alcohol delivery
  • Legal age verification

Proof of delivery

  • Delivery photo
  • Delivery PIN verification


For those outliers.

$20 – $45
CADper delivery.


  • 50 km – 80 km reach
  • Everything Flexible offers

Extended service is built into Flexible service automatically. Not available for Merchants who require delivery in under 4 hours.

Not available in Winnipeg.

50 km is further than you think.

Trexity Select and Flexible service levels are designed to reach the majority of your local customers while keeping costs affordable. Our average price across all cities in Q1 2024 was $8.08 per delivery.

*$5 per additional 5 km above 50 km. Example: a 64 km delivery would be $30. Not available in Winnipeg.

Price comparisons

Trexity is focused on local delivery, when it comes to national or worldwide shipping, these businesses are great options.

Business Distance Size (cm) Speed Price
Trexity Local
Fits in car
Same day
$5 – 15
UPS Local 30 x 30 x 30 Next day $22 – 34*
Canada Post Local 30 x 30 x 30 Next day $31 – 47*
FedEx Local 30 x 30 x 30 Next day $34 – 92*

*Prices are calculated using respective rate calculator tool using all the same information.

Included with every delivery.

Generated labels

Print all the Trexity delivery labels you need with one click.

Real-time tracking

You and your customers always know where the package is.

Proof of delivery

Every delivery comes with either photo or PIN verification.

Live support

Our in-house team is ready to help at any moment.

man holding tablet

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