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Build a superior last mile local delivery software platform that empowers small and medium sized businesses to compete and win against larger retailers.









How Trexity started.

Founder Alok was taking time away from his high-paced job at Shopify to embark on a challenging new role: full time dad. At the same time, regrettably, his father became ill and required his support too. It was in juggling these roles that Alok came to appreciate the preciousness of his spare time, and the profound need for better delivery services from his local small businesses.

Between his kids and his dad, it simply wasn’t possible to go out and get everything from groceries to medical supplies. He began imagining a platform that could make it possible for any small business to deliver local, and fast. One that is fair, and takes advantage of neither merchants or couriers. He believed then, and still does, that filling this need will help disrupt our over-reliance on faraway ecommerce giants, and help small businesses stay in business.

Alok Ahuja, CEO & Co-founder of Trexity

It’s been important to provide a last mile delivery option, which we never would’ve envisioned being this easy.

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Trexity leadership team.

Alok Ahuja, Trexity CEO and co-founder.

Alok Ahuja

Uses his ground-floor knowledge of the app and the industry to guide the business.

Shopify, Seedless Apps, Smith

Mathieu Bouchard, Trexity VP Engineering and co-founder.

Mathieu Bouchard

Works hard to make sure the tech is working harder, supporting our community better.

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Darren Schnare, Trexity CTO and co-founder.

Darren Schnare

Visionary and fierce advocate for the Trexity platform and all the people who use it.

McMillan, LaunchFort

Rob Woodbridge, Trexity COO.

Rob Woodbridge

Keeps the lights on, knows what’s up, keeps everyone rowing in the same direction.

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Christina Malinas, Trexity General Manager

Christina Malinas

Keeper of all moving parts, she helps reach more merchants in more cities.

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Rod Zylstra, Trexity VP of Marketing & Brand.

Rod Zylstra

Helps our audience understand our value with delightful, heavy-lifting brand strategy.

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Trexity is the delivery service for small and medium sized businesses, offering reliable, honest, convenient and cost effective home delivery.

We’re making moves to strengthen local economies.