Do things, tell people. We’re here to help with that.

The Trexity Merchant Marketing Program has crafted language, templates, and even in-store signage, all to help you grow your business with home delivery.

Spread the word. Get more chances to win.

We’ve curated a few social posts and web banners to help you let your customers know that the more they use local delivery, the more you earn entries to win.

Let people know that you deliver.

A whole strategy around expanding your reach and bringing in new customers with local delivery.

Use these neutral and customizable posts that compliment your branding and target a larger community.

Speak the language, sell the service.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Reach your target audience with impactful messaging.

Choose your wording from a delivery-centric library to captivate new customers.

Set your store up for success.

With our merchant Starter Kit, let your customers know that you offer local home delivery, and even direct couriers to where you would like deliveries picked up.

Let’s get you some new home delivery customers!

Need something more personalized?

Contact our marketing team at

Frequently asked questions

Any Trexity Merchant. We’re here to support you and help spread the word of your new service. Letting your customers know that you offer delivery helps build customer relations.

Simple, your success is our success–we’re all in this together.

Absolutely. Just reach out to our marketing department at