Let us help you reach new customers.

We’ve crafted strategies, language, templates, and even in-store signage, all to help you grow your business with home delivery.

Let’s work together.

Below are three ways to let your current and future customers know you offer home delivery:

Go viral in your community

Social media

A whole strategy around expanding your reach and bringing in new customers with local delivery.

Use these neutral and customizable posts that compliment your branding to target a larger community.

Speak the language, sell the service

Nice words

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Reach your target audience with impactful messaging.

Choose your wording from a delivery-centric library to captivate new customers.

Know a Merchant that needs delivery?
Let us know and you both win.

Any Trexity Merchant!

Your success is our success – we’re all in this together.

Absolutely. Just reach out to our marketing department, marketing@trexity.com.