Better rates, for better routes.

Take more money home with Trexity local courier services and spend less time waiting. Apply through the Trexity app.

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Work smarter and earn more by becoming a Trexity Courier.

With Trexity’s local courier services, you can:

  1. Earn on each package delivered.
  2. Boost income with in-app bonuses and challenges.
  3. Travel further, earn more.
  4. Collect in-app tips.
  5. Spend less time waiting.
list of each step for delivering with Trexity

Trexity allows you to be your own boss and work whenever you want. Also there are plenty of bonuses and earning opportunities. I found Trexity to be one of the best earning platforms out there.

Gurveer, Trexity Courier

Where we operate and provide local courier services.

These are our current cities of operation, with more coming soon. Each city has its own boundary, visit our city page to find out more.

map of where trexity offers local courier services

What you need to become a Trexity Courier.

You must be legally eligible to work and insured to drive in order to become a Trexity Courier. You’ll also need a valid drivers license and a vehicle that matches your profile.

what is required to be part of Trexity's local courier services

I want to deliver packages.

Download the app and start your application today.

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Sample of Trexity's local courier services support team.

Local couriers have Trexity local support when they need it.

Our in house support team is available 7 days a week. We’ll work through any questions you may have, help you get started, and assist with any issues while delivering.