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Earn on each package delivered.

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Collect in-app or in cash.

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Get paid per minute delivering.

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Boost income with in-app challenges.

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Travel farther, earn more.

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Deliver with Trexity

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Why Trexity?

We deliver packages not people.

Because packages can’t ask for the AUX cord.

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We don’t deliver hot food.

No more waiting for smelly food in crowded restaurants.

We bundle package pick-up.

Make a single pick-up for more efficient online time, better earnings overall.

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We don’t pick out items.

Packages are ready to go when you pick up.

We honour your schedule.

Deliver when you want, where you want.

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We’re here to help.

Live support throughout the entire delivery process.


We’re operating in multiple major Canadian cities. Visit the Cities page for up to date location information.

Yes! Customers have the opportunity to tip in-app or in cash.

Trexity has flexible vehicle requirements. Visit the Cities page and click on your city to learn more about the specific regulations in your city of work.

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