How packages are confirmed as delivered.

Trexity uses a photo as proof of delivery by default, but for packages that require more security, we use a PIN option.

man handing bags to person
PIN system graphic

Introducing, the Delivery PIN option.

Packages that require an in-person hand-off to the customer will not be left at the doorstep when using the PIN option. If the package is not able to be delivered safely with correct verification, we will simply return it to you.

When to use the delivery PIN option.

  1. When delivering alcohol, tobacco, or prescription drugs.
  2. When your package must be handed to the recipient.

How we notify your customers.

When using the PIN option, your customers receive a PIN via email or SMS. The PIN is also available on the standard real-time tracking pages that we send out with all deliveries.

sample tracking page

The team at Trexity is just so supportive with everything they pull together, making sure that our deliveries get there on time and safely.

Brad, Overflow Brewing Company

Knock knock—leaving packages at the door come with photo proof.

Trexity couriers will leave packages in a safe location by the customer’s door for contactless delivery, then take a photo containing the package and unit number as proof.

sample delivery photo