Take control of your delivery.
Deliver a beautiful customer experience.

“Same day delivery” is music to everyone’s ears. You’ve done all the hard work, now it’s time to start the show.

Upgrade your shop, keep the flow

No coding required. Simply add Trexity to your shop, log in, and choose your shipping options. We match your orders, as they come, and schedule everything.

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Add Trexity to Shopify
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Delight your customers on the day

They can have it now. Delivery with a personal touch takes your brand all the way to the customer, building loyalty and trust.

Win the early birds and night owls

Online shopping goes beyond business hours. With a community of drivers working around the clock, we can deliver to your customers when they’re actually buying.

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Keep your promises, keep control

To meet customers’ expectations – and yours – delivery must be a success every time. Transparent tracking and notifications ensure a trustworthy experience. Real-time tracking and predictive deliveries reduce both customer support costs and your stress levels.

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