Serve customers better and reach new ones at the same time.

Local delivery with no proprietary packing materials means your customer gets your product, your way.

Trusted by 900+ Local Businesses

Notifications for local delivery

Getting your packages to your customer has never been easier.

  1. Input deliveries automatically via e-comm integration or use your Trexity merchant portal.
  2. Attach the generated Trexity label to your own branded packaging.
  3. Choose a pickup window.
  4. A Trexity Courier will show up at your store during your selected pickup window, scan your packages, and deliver them.
  5. Customers receive tracking information and can check progress in real time on their tracking page.

Fast local delivery time ensures a happy customer.

Your goods go straight from your shelf to your customer’s door—no warehouse, no dispatch centre. Your product arrives as if it never left your store.

Proof of delivery that fits your business.

With photo record or personal hand-off using Trexity’s PIN system, combined with a real-time delivery timeline, you have full visibility on your package’s journey.

Let us tell you what it’s all about.

Fast, simple set-up for local delivery.

Sign up in the morning, deliver the same afternoon, and watch your business grow. Providing your customers with a new service doesn’t have to come with all the headaches of new tech. Trexity local delivery for merchants is designed with your business in mind.

sample merchant sign up page for local delivery

Effortless local delivery starts here.

Flat rate delivery pricing model and no monthly subscription.

Where we operate and offer local delivery for our Merchants.

Trexity operates in Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Calgary. We connect merchants to their community through local delivery.





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