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A flat rate pricing model makes it super easy to understand the low cost of offering home delivery.

Broken down into zones around your location, you can easily determine your delivery reach and the price per delivery.

You choose which portion of our cost is passed on to the customer.

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With Trexity, customers get the opportunity to shop online and get our products delivered to them the same day, or faster even.

– Yann Darevic, Owner of NRML

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Good question! Our software is built to adapt to the needs of lots of sorts of businesses (with some exceptions like hot food and dangerous illegal stuff). So far, grocers, bakeries, craft alcohol companies, pharmacies, apparel, gift and clothing retailers have all made Trexity a part of their business. Trexity might be especially helpful to your business if you:

  • Have an existing ecommerce channel for your business. We’re able to integrate with various platforms.
  • Have, or are open to introducing a subscription model. This helps your business take advantage of our bundled delivery rates.

We’re making big moves and expanding our reach all the time. For an updated look at our offerings, visit our Cities page.

Not necessarily! If your business receives orders over the phone, you can enter them manually into the platform to initiate a delivery.

When you initiate a Trexity delivery, we generate a unique label which is scanned by the assigned courier and tracked in the app. Simply print, stick and send.