Take control of your local delivery.
Complete the customer experience.

Own your customer’s doorstep.

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Real-time tracking and notifications

Live tracking pages combined with email and SMS notifications keeps everyone informed and reduces the chance of packages being stolen or returned.

Support when you need it

Our in house merchant support team is human, just like you, and they’re just one click away to answer any questions or solve any issues. Growing a business is hard enough, let us help.

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    Direct access through your Merchant portal.
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    Up to date documentation in our knowledge centre.
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    When chat is not enough, our team is ready to assist.
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Auto-generated labels

Download, print, and attach to your package, that’s it. Delivery labels are created immediately when you request them—no more hand cramps.

Become a Merchant

Each package for delivery requires a valid Trexity label.

Adapt to your customers

Through our integrations, you can choose which portion of our cost is passed on to the customer.

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    Set a flat rate for your customers, cover the rest.
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    The full cost is passed on to your customer.
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    Cover the full cost for your customer.
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Talk with a human

Diving into the world of local delivery and managing your own logistics can be intimidating—book a virtual meeting with us and we’ll show you how easy it can be.

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Build customer trust

Start changing shopper habits and build customer trust by delivering their order as fast, if not faster, than the big competition.


Prevent theft

Verify that your package gets right into your customer’s hands by selecting our in-person hand off requirement. Our drivers will return the item if they can’t reach someone.

Flexible, scalable, dependable

With a driver community working around the clock, you can deliver to your customers when you want or when they want. No more delivery windows or black box systems to navigate around—just deliver.

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