Game Knight Games

Q’s & A’s with Scott & Ben from Game Knight Games

Introduce yourselves

Scott: I’m Scott Tackaberry. I’m the owner of GameKnight Games and Cool Stuff here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Ben: Hi, my name’s Ben Shantz. I’m the general manager here at GameKnight Games.

What makes Game Knight Games special?

Scott: I think the passion that the customers have for the games and the hobbies that they’re into. I know myself, I grew up on Dungeons and Dragons, and so for me that was one of the main things.

But it can equally be said, the people that are playing Magic: The Gathering, playing Warhammer, or are just solid board gamers, they really have a passion for what they do. This is their hobby, this is what they love…and as you can see with the room here, we host a lot of games and people love coming in and hanging out and playing games.And we create what we call that third space where they feel at home, but it’s not home and it’s not work. So we’re part retail store and part clubhouse.

Ben: Totally agree, GameKnight is a place that people can indulge in their passions and share that passion with its staff. All of our staff are gamers. We love games, we’re passionate about them, and we bring that to our customers.

Average day at Game Knight Games?

Scott: I think in the mornings, we do a lot of processing and shipping orders. Orders will come in, the staff will stock all the shelves. We see people coming. They’ll show up first thing in the morning, and just they’ll show up at night to purchase whatever products they need.

And then towards the evening we see the gamers come in after they’re off work, and they want to come in and they might set up a table to play some Warhammer. Or if we’re running a Magic: The Gathering tournament, they’ll come in and play cards.

Now with Trexity, everything’s humming along nice and smooth, and it’s now allowing us to focus on what we do best.

How did you decide to first work with Trexity

Scott: Oh, good question. We were struggling with doing our own deliveries. During COVID, we were a little bit short staffed. We had hired some of our own delivery people. And we were struggling with the fact that maybe one day there was one package and the next day there were 10 packages, and the next day there were two packages.

And we’re trying to keep somebody gainfully employed to deliver packages, and it was a little sporadic. So we like the flexibility that we call a Trexity driver, they show up. It doesn’t matter how many packages there were. They took it, they were reliable and out the door they went.

Ben: Yep, in comes Trexity, the perfect service for our problem, and we’ve been with them ever since. And it’s been working fantastically. We send out deliveries now every day.

How is it going with Trexity?

Scott: We’re seeing more and more deliveries going out the door. It’s a very cost effective way of getting packages in customers’ hands…and I love that we can advertise our service that you can place your order by x time, you’ll get your package right away.

How does working with Trexity impact your day to day business?

Scott: It certainly helps us out. It helps us get more product out the door.And it’s convenient, the staff work their magic on the computers. The Trexity driver shows up. The packages go away. It’s great.

Now with Trexity, everything’s humming along nice and smooth, and it’s now allowing us to focus on what we do best, which is selecting gaming products and bringing in the real cool stuff, and letting people know that we’ve got it.

How do you integrate Trexity into your business?

Ben: Trexity already had a Shopify integration where we could just load an app, a free app, onto our Shopify profile into our Shopify store.

And through that, it became an option at checkout, that at the time would automatically calculate delivery fees based on the distance between us and the customer. And then we could give a discount based on the size of the order.

And so it was a simple, simple integration from there. Every time an order is placed, it immediately pops up in Trexity. And from there, it’s just a matter of posting the route, the driver comes by, super simple.

It’s as easy to use Trexity as it is to use the built-in Canada Post shipping option through Shopify. So it’s been a no-brainer. Now it’s even better, again, with lower rates it’s even easier.

Any tips for merchants thinking about offering delivery?

Ben: Yeah, so obviously making sure that it integrates with your store platform, whatever that happens to be is important. Even if you don’t have a web store, you could still do it with relative ease.

Scott: If you try to do it on your own, you might struggle with it. It all depends. You have to look at how many packages you’ve got and where you’re trying to deliver.

We’re centrally located in Winnipeg, so trying to reach the outskirts of our city, it’s a little bit difficult and time consuming.

So partnering with a company like Trexity made it real easy for us. It allowed us to focus our staff in our own building, and do what we do well, and let Trexity do what they do well, which is get our packages to their destinations.

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