Navigating the Delivery Landscape: Why use Local Same-Day vs. National Giants

In the realm of package delivery, businesses are presented with a diverse array of options tailored to suit their specific needs. Among these choices, two distinct categories emerge: local same-day delivery services like Trexity and the industry titans such as Canada Post, FedEx and UPS. Understanding the differences between these two types of delivery providers is essential for businesses — and the experience their customers will encounter — to make informed decisions about their local delivery needs.

  1. Scope of Operations: Local same-day delivery services typically operate within a confined geographic area, concentrating on specific regions or cities. This localized approach allows them to offer swift delivery within their operational boundaries. Conversely, national giants like Canada Post and FedEx boast expansive networks capable of delivering packages across vast distances, spanning entire countries or even continents. The giants are over-engineered for swift local delivery.
  2. Delivery Speed: One of the most significant distinctions lies in delivery speed. Local same-day delivery services excel in providing rapid delivery, often completing deliveries within hours of pickup. On the other hand, while national carriers may offer expedited services, same-day delivery is less common and typically comes at a higher cost.
  3. Flexibility: Local same-day delivery services tend to offer greater flexibility regarding pickup and delivery times, allowing customers to schedule deliveries within specific windows to suit their needs. In contrast, national carriers adhere to set schedules and delivery windows, which may not always align with the preferences of senders or recipients.
  4. Cost: Cost considerations differ between the two types of services. Local same-day delivery services may prove more cost-effective for short-distance deliveries within their operational areas. Meanwhile, national giants may offer competitive rates for standard delivery services but may charge significantly more for same-day or expedited options.
  5. Tracking and Visibility: National carriers typically provide robust tracking systems that offer real-time updates on package location and delivery status, but very little granularity and a wide delivery window (think “sometime before 8pm”). While the majority of local same-day delivery services may offer basic tracking capabilities, Trexity offers real-time delivery information from pick-up to delivery — including a specific delivery time so customers don’t have to waste their day waiting.
  6. Service Level Agreements (SLAs): National carriers often have well-defined SLAs outlining delivery times, compensation for delays, and other service guarantees. In contrast, local same-day delivery services may have less formalized SLAs due to the nature of their rapid delivery services. At Trexity we’ve taken a page out of the large company playbook and adhere to not only strict delivery SLAs but we do the same for pickups as well.
  7. Customer Service: Customer service accessibility varies between the two types of providers. National carriers usually have dedicated customer service teams available around the clock to address inquiries and concerns promptly. Local same-day delivery services may offer personalized customer service from first pickup to last delivery.
  8. Packaging Requirements: National carriers typically have stringent packaging requirements to ensure the safe transit of packages over long distances. Conversely, local same-day delivery services may have more relaxed packaging guidelines, given the shorter distances traveled and the heightened care taken during handling — which means less work to get packages to your customers.
  9. Specialized Services: National carriers often offer a wide range of specialized services such as temperature-controlled shipping, freight forwarding, and customs clearance for international shipments. Local same-day delivery services may focus primarily on standard parcel delivery within their operational areas and may offer limited specialized services.
  10. Accessibility and Reach: National carriers boast extensive infrastructure, including warehouses, distribution centers, and transportation fleets, enabling them to reach remote areas and serve a broad customer base. In contrast, local same-day delivery services may have a more limited reach and may not service remote or less populated areas as extensively.

When it comes to the immediacy of local same-day delivery services, understanding the nuances between using a local delivery provider vs. a national provider is crucial. By considering factors such as delivery speed, cost, flexibility, and specialized services, businesses and individuals can make informed choices that align with their delivery requirements and preferences.