We made a deal!!

Alok Ahuja and Kim Perell on Entrepreneur magazine's Elevator Pitch

Our CEO, Alok Ahuja, knocked it out of the park on the set of Entrepreneur magazine’s “Elevator Pitch”.

Not only did Alok absolutely ace the SUPER stressful 60 second pitch portion (in the elevator) to secure an audience with the high powered celebrity judges, BUT he also crushed the conversation resulting in 2 out of the 3 judges fighting to invest in Trexity.

The impressive judging panel included the former founder and CEO of Netflix, Marc Randolph, and award-winning entrepreneur, investor, and bestselling author Kim Perell, who Alok ultimately made a deal with: https://kimperell.com/

Watch the entire dramatic episode here:


What a day for our superstar CEO Alok, and what a day for Trexity!