Now we’re on a roll: SnowBall soirée for Snowsuit Fund a smashing success

Alok and others at SnowBall

The following preview is from the Ottawa Business Journal

Likewise, the Snowsuit Fund has a special place in Trexity CEO and co-founder Alok Ahuja’s heart. Last fall, the Trexity leadership team and drivers of the same-day delivery software startup took care of all the deliveries for the organization’s Tim Hortons Smile Cookie campaign in support of the charity.

Ahuja was able to learn how the organization helped a family of four, after it had fled besieged Ukraine for Canada with no money, no jobs and one suitcase each. The parents had two boys, similar in age to his own two kids. Ahuja was left deeply moved as he watched the children’s reaction when they received their brand new snowsuits from the Snowsuit Fund. The older boy hugged his younger brother and began to cry. “Right then and there, as I was standing next to Rod (Zylstra), my VP of marketing, I looked at him and said ‘Yah, this is at the top of our list every year’.”

Snowsuits aren’t just “nice to have” items in Ottawa, said Ahuja, but a necessity, both in keeping children warm and in helping them to excel. He remembers how excited he was to get snowsuits when he was little. “For us, it was a yearly pilgrimage to the Kmart in Blossom Park. That’s where we went to get our snowsuits every year. It was a big  deal.”

As for the SnowBall, Ahuja loved it. “They did an incredible job,” he told the next morning.

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