Invest Ottawa ScaleUp Firm, Trexity, has eyes set on growth 

The following preview is taken from Invest Ottawa

In 2018, Alok Ahuja, former Shopify executive turned stay-at-home dad, sat at his kitchen table struggling to find time to pick up medications for his father, who was battling cancer, and buy groceries for his family. Ahuja knew he couldn’t be the only person struggling to find more hours in the day for these common errands. 

The Carleton University computer science grad put his entrepreneurial skills to use to build a platform that businesses could use for local, reliable and fast deliveries. 

“I just needed to build a platform that would enable (merchants) to move (goods) faster than they could have ever imagined,” says Alok Ahuja, Co-founder and CEO of Trexity. “That’s where this was born.” 

Alok, alongside Co-founders Mathieu Bouchard and Darren Schnare, brought the ideas that were conceived at Ahuja’s kitchen table to realization. Trexity was born. 

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