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Combine Shopify and Trexity to manage same-day deliveries to all your local customers. With Trexity added to your Shopify storefront, customers will be able to select same-day shipping from checkout. Upon fulfilment, a Trexity driver will be pinged automatically and you’ll be able to track them in real-time through your Merchant Portal.

Install Trexity Shopify App directly from their App Store.*

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*Requires Third-party calculated shipping rates option in your plan


How it works


Customers choose Trexity same-day shipping


Upon fulfillment, Trexity drivers are pinged

Trexity arrives within the hour for pick up

Easy Integration

Once you install our Trexity Shopify App, you simply log into your Merchant Portal and show Trexity as a shipping option—that’s it. We match order numbers on our end to match your store numbers so there’s no confusion on which order is which.

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Real-Time Shipping Calculations

To make sure that your customers aren’t surprised, we provide them with real-time shipping costs before they commit. With full transparency on pricing, they are able to make quicker decisions and stay faithful to your brand and shopping experience.

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Your own personal logistics team

With Trexity, your business can provide same day deliveries to your customers, allowing you to focus on running your business. It’s like having your own fleet of delivery drivers at the click of a button, all tracked in real-time.

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Thank you for showing interest in using Trexity for your shipping needs! By signing up to use our platform, you’ll be rewarded by helping to provide your clients and users with same day delivery. Fill out the form below and we’ll have our team contact you soon so you can learn more about shipping with Trexity.