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After hours shipping

We understand that sometimes your shipping needs don’t end at 5pm, which is why our community of drivers are working around the clock. Need to ship something after hours? We got you covered, simply login to your Trexity portal, and a driver will pick it up when you need.

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Shipping Estimates Included

To make sure that your business or customer isn’t surprised by any hidden fees, we provide all pricing up front for each package. Regardless of any driver delays or detours, your package will only be charged on the distance and time determined in your estimate.

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Take full control

Trexity gives businesses the ability to ship packages as they need to. Understand the costs, track all packages, and receive notification on pick up and drop off. Your customers will also be notified when their packages are being delivered, meaning less scheduling and overhead for your business.

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Merchant Portal

Keep track of all your packages and request drivers for new ones through the Trexity Merchant Portal. Just set up a pick up location, add in some details about the package, and we will ping nearby drivers with your request. Once accepted, you’ll be notified!

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Ship with Trexity

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