Local is simply where your customers are

We founded Trexity to bring customers back to the merchants where they belong. Stop sending your customers to 3rd-party platforms to shop with your brand…..let’s bring them home and keep them happy.

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Don’t off-load your customers to other platforms

Those are the businesses we want to serve. We know that while technology makes ecommerce platforms possible, without a personal connection it’s just a transaction. While many companies focus on the conversion, remember that the entire post-purchase experience is also your brand.

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The experience begins and ends with people

In many cases, delivery is your only physical touchpoint with your customer. Sending updates, delivering on-time, and adding a personal touch can be the pinnacle of the buyer’s journey. With exceptional execution of that last mile, you can generate the goodwill, reviews, and loyalty that will take your business forward.

Customer trust is difficult to earn, and easy to lose.

Successful businesses know how to connect with their customers. To exceed their expectations. To delight.

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