Trexity provides a reliable courier community, in-flight support, stand-alone portal, ecomm integrations, real-time tracking, generated delivery labels, packing slips, and even monthly receipts.

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The Third Place

How to work with Trexity

Create a Trexity Merchant account.

Add a location for your shop’s location or each of your pickup addresses, add credit card information as required.

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Export orders from The Third Place.

Import into the Trexity Merchant portal.

Orders that have “Fulfillment type” equal to “Delivery” and a “Currency” that matches the currency of their Trexity merchant account will be parsed (only CAD currency is supported currently).

Adjust the number of labels for each delivery if necessary within the Trexity Merchant portal.

Bundle and schedule deliveries from within the Trexity Merchant portal.

Print Labels from within the Trexity Merchant portal.

Your first delivery is free, up to $25.

No subscription required.

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