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Accept deliveries, drive, and get paid.

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Driving with Trexity

Learn how to drive with Trexity and what to expect from your first delivery.

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Set your schedule, earn what you want

We’re committed to helping you make honest money you can depend on. Add Trexity and decide when you drive: any time and any day. Plan your day/week by checking the driver app delivery schedule. See what packages are coming up for delivery and start earning now.

Deliver smiles

Safely drive products for passionate local merchants and enthusiastic customers. By supporting local business and their customers, you’re helping yourself and your community.

All deliveries include contactless pickup and drop off. That’s much better than delivering late-night partygoers or egg sandwiches.

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Drive smart with the Trexity app

Every Trexity community is dedicated to its drivers, ensuring they are paid quickly and reliably. The driver app is designed to offer flexible earning opportunities, support driver safety, integrate intelligent directions to get you there faster. We offer 24/7 driver support to ensure you are confident during every delivery.

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