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Requirements to deliver in Ottawa, Ontario

  • At least 21 years old
  • Have a 2-door or 4-door car made 1998 or after
  • Have a valid driver’s license and proof of Canadian work eligibility
  • Safety Standards Certificate
  • Read and speak English
Cities are different

Ottawa, Ontario

Sample Delivery

A Trexity merchant needs a packaged delivered from their office downtown Ottawa to one of their clients in Nepean. The distance is 12 km and the estimated time is 28 minutes. The package size is average and weighs under 50 kgs.


Driver’s well-being is important to us, we wouldn’t be able to exist without you. We take any processing fees out of our cut, so your earnings are stay true to your hard work.

  • card_giftcard


    Pick up
  • directions_car


    12 km
  • hourglass_empty


    28 minutes
  • where_to_vote


    Drop off
  • You


  • $6.24

    Pay the bills
Earnings with time and distance

Here is how your fare is calculated

  • card_giftcard

    Pickup: $2.00 per trip

    Flat fee for picking up each package from a business.
  • directions_car

    Distance: $0.52 per km

    Per-kilometre rate based on distance.
  • hourglass_empty

    Time: $0.27 per minute

    Per-minute rate based on expected wait time at pickup, expected travel time from business to drop off, and expected wait time at drop off.
  • where_to_vote

    Drop off: $3.00 per drop off

    Flat fee per package delivery
Drive with Trexity
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We couldn’t be more thrilled that you’ve chosen to learn more driving with the Trexity community. We will contact you once we’ve reviewed all your information below, and setup a time to get you on-boarded with Trexity.